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First Grader

"I love this book, it helped me calm down"


"good luck with the new book. My grandkids love Billi the Brain and the colorful drawings. Thank you so much"

Wow, they loved it

A Must Read for Children & Adults! Finally - a children's book that provides an educational and compassionate understanding of what happens in our brain when we experience fear and anxiety. A must read for children and adults.

I read the book to my students again this year. Billi and Ophelia are such clever protagonists. Several of my students were fascinated to learn about the different parts of the brain and their roles. The images are awesome and provide great visualization for the content of the book. The book has given the students a common language to explain how they are feeling.

"I will keep it at the office to show young patients as an intro to psychosomatic symptoms. My 8-year-old daughter enjoyed it."

Student teacher

(first grade)

Aimee Dickens (elementary school teacher)

Pediatric neurologist

Betsy Serapilio-Frank; Literacy Coordinator and A M Skills Trainer

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